I am grateful to be able to do what I love

Life is short so we have to be happy waking up every morning. I am lucky enough to live a life that I love doing what I love. I have worked as an actress in soap operas, recognized on screen and on stage, interviewed celebrities on the red carpet, traveled the world on cruise ships while hosting a talk show to a live audience and worked as a lifestyle host for CBS. All while focusing on my health and well-being, because you can only be your best when you feel your best.

world shakers, lemme grab your attention:

I traveled on a journey to find my soul's calling and encountered the Shaman's path..I worked as a tv host and traveled the world for two years sharing my unique experiences in exotic places, from Central and South America, Africa, India, the Med, Europe to US, Caribbean & Alaska.

From red carpet to world travel, come along for the ride!


Photography, creative direction, styling, location. Keeping it wild.

Julia Melim, various people around the world, no animals were harmed.

scope of work

creative team

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I launched a tv show from scratch in New York City


I've made an impact on audiences all over the world

I allowed myself to follow my bliss and at the same time create a life of my dreams that I was passionate about. That's always been my calling, create an impact by inspiring other people. I love storytelling and share people's insightful and unique stories.


I make videos go viral 

From a young age, I've always known that I loved being on stage and I used to write plays to perform in our living room. I thrived communicating and engaging with others on stage, and on camera. During the pandemic, I started working at virtual events and I feel comfortable working at live events, unleashing creative ideas, connecting with the audience, bringing out new concepts and engaging with creative teams wherever they are.

my experience:

As they say...if you make it there you make it anywhere! After working on the red carpet and being in front of the camera for over 10 years, I learned the dos and don'ts, the pro-tips, I learned that to be really successful you need to work on yourself first and that's what I did!

Help you visualize a different outcome with daily tools and find your own #1 rule to keep you happy! Find out what works for you with a personalized approach! 

How to Market Your Genius

How to Close Every Deal

How to improve your relationships, connect and relate to others from a genuine place! So you can make every business connection personal and everlasting! Go from snoozing your alarm to never missing another opportunity!

here's what i learned: 

How to Show-up on Social

Discovering your company’s values and matching its vision to your personal goals. Who are your competitors – stand out from the competition and stand up for what you believe in by standing up and speaking up from your own authentic voice!

I decided to focus on a life that feels good on the inside and looks good on the outside

My life looked good on the outside, but didn't feel good on the inside. I was working on the red carpet, meeting celebrities and everything looked great on social media, but I didn't feel great. Since the pandemic, I incorporated morning rituals, daily routines and chosen a healthy lifestyle that puts my well-being first. My goal is to be my best self on and off camera.

let's share our passions and let's heal together! let's connect!

let's work together

There's nothing better than to work with your best friends, especially when you share the same values, like Taco Tuesday! Literally the best business ideas come from keeping it simple and believing in yourself, while having fun! Now pull out your phone - let's take a selfie and celebrate! #blessed

did we just become best friends?

"I highly recommend her to others." 

Julia has always been responsive to volunteering her time in support of nonprofits working in Brazil. She is an energetic team-player and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to others.

- Lilian Miller, Executive Director at PresentNow


turned volunteering into a full-time career

Yes, It Really Works

"I highly recommend the challenge, for any individual who can't seem to slow down their lives."

Julia's emails were a delight to receive each morning, she's very personal with her stories, and I appreciate I could relate to the same situations. I advise you to take this challenge and learn news ways to care for your soul.

- Alexis Cook, President, WLC Associates, LLC


took time for self-care

"Highly recommend."

Julia is someone who puts her whole self into her work. She clearly cares deeply about making the world a better place, and clearly her role enables her to do just that. We worked on a piece together for CBS / KAUZ and Julia was a true professional. Highly recommend.

- Scott Shute, Changing Work from the Inside Out
(Former Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Exec at LinkedIn)